Yearling Rams 


Hickory Lane 1213 rear     SOLD

 Registered Ram - RR/NN  Pedigree  Born 4/22/12  This yearling ram is a full brother to our keeper ram, Pipeline, who was 4th in class at Louisville, International Livestock Expo, in 2011.  His dam, Kimm 10108 is a triplet sister to the dam of one of Bob's 2013 keeper rams.  He is correct, level, great bone mass and packed with muscle. Hickory Lane 1213

           Hickory Lane 1213







Hickory Lane 1129



Hickory Lane 1129 RR/NN is a deep ribbed, thick butted.

Hickory Lane 1129      ram with incredible bone mass.      This ram comes from a line of stout,

      docile ewes that continue to produce muscular

      lambs that excel in early rapid growth.








Ram Lambs

We have a selection of January and February ram lambs available for sale that can be used this fall in your breeding program.

These ram lambs and more with similar style and quality.

                                                                                                                  Hickory Lane 537

Ram Lambs are pure and can be registeredHickory Lane 537

This is an exceptional ram with huge production numbers. This ram had an actual weight of 140 lbs at 87 days. 












  Hickory Lane 955 has an identical pedigree as Hickory Lane R1103 who placed 2nd in the Yearling Slick Show at Sedalia Midwest Stud Ram Sale in 2012.  His twin brother is also available for sale.                                                                                                 Hickory Lane 955

Hickory Lane 742 Hickory Lane 742 offers a great combination of style and muscle.  This is another of January ram lambs availalbe. 

We also have ewe lambs, yearling and mature ewes for sale.

We welcome your inquiries and will be happy to discuss our sheep to assist in finding the best fit for your program.

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